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Wrapping data with <Bytes> when validating signatures

If you don't wrap it with <Bytes> </Bytes>, a dapp could ask a user to sign a legit transaction instead of a random harmless payload. In Ethereum, wallets that support the EIP-1271 ...
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Will we be able to use the BLS signature scheme to control funds?

Afaik, there is never a good reason to use public key recovery in any signature scheme. It'd break batching in Schnorr. Also recovery makes soft derivation insecure in Schnorr. ECDSA should never ...
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1 vote

how to create multising account using polkadot extrinsics?

No multisig instance exists. The equation f(accounts, threshold) = multisig determines a multisig address. This calculation is performed in real time during use. The chain does not require storage of ...
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Invalid transaction:1010 Invalid: Transaction has a bad signature

Follow the steps on this tutorial Access EVM Accounts, you have to Setting -> Developer in PolkadotJS UI and define the account information to create an EVM Account as the tutorial explain. Check ...
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How to verify a signature of a playload in Substrate when the provided Public Key bytes are not associated with an Account?

try importing sp_runtime::RuntimeAppPublic it has the verify method
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