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How to determine which parameters are required when using substrate.query() to query a storage_function from polkascan's py-substrate-interface?

Update: The storage_function.get_param_info() helper function is introduced, see: It is indeed a ...
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How to start a local substrate node using python substrate interface

As you note in your question py-substrate-interface is just used to interface with a node, a node that is already running. If you are interested in discovering more about how to set up and run your ...
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Are polkascan and subscan same and synced?

I believe this question comes from How we can Create Wallet / Generate address in polkadot. Your gen-account script is purely an offline tool. When you create an address locally. There is no record ...
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How to obtain the staking amount for non-active validators?

I believe you will need to do a few queries here to get the data you want: Get all validator stash accounts from iterating over the Validators storage map Get all the controller accounts by mapping ...
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Understanding the persistence of historical block events despite automatic removal by the System pallet in Substrate

Yes, you can still fetch and access the events emitted in previous blocks, even though they are automatically removed from the storage of the System pallet at the beginning of a new block. In ...
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Error calling smart contract with py-substrate-interface

Questions: What version of substrate-interface are you using? Where is the source code of the todo_list smart contract? Perhaps you could try using a more recent version of both substrate-interface, ...
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