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Error: createType(ExtrinsicSignature):: Unable to create Enum via index 108, in Ed25519, Sr25519, Ecdsa

So I ran into this and solved it, Substrate chains can handle many different signature schemes and the handle this by prefixing an extra byte to the signature (00 = ed25519, 01 = sr25519, 02 = ecdsa). ...
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Missing Benchmark Helper in Implementation

To build the Polkadot runtime, execute the following command: cargo b -p polkadot-runtime --profile production --features runtime-benchmarks​ If you run that command on the workspace root, the ...
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KSM, WND transfer transaction fail, but DOT success

This is due a breaking change in the transaction format introduced in the new release 1.2.5 which was enacted in Kusama and Westend yesterday. Also, you are running old versions of the node and ...
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Force bonding withdrawal period to 0 days

Check out the BondingDuration parameter - this number represents the number of eras that funds need to be bonded for. Alternatively, another pallet you can configure in your runtime is pallet-fast-...
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Which one is the latest release polkadot-v1.12.0 or release-polkadot-v1.12.0 or release-crates-io-v1.12.0?

crates-io-* is for polkadot-* is a tag for release. release-* is a branch. It corresponds to that version and may include minor updates. For me, I always use release-*.
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the trait bound `Runtime: frame_system::pallet::Config` is not satisfied the trait `frame_system::pallet::Config` is not implemented for `Runtime`

Some of your dependencies are coming from github and some are defined local. You need to check your cargo.toml for the same
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Pallet compilations of collectibles workshop fails due to non-existing branch

I used examples from other pallets to get the dependencies to work: frame-support = { default-features = false, git = "", tag = "polkadot-...
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