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How to change a custom consensus of a parachain to PoS?

There is a similar question related to this, you can check it here: Or there is a very detailed explanation from Parity expert: https://substrate....
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How to calculate required "reserved deposit" to register a parachain on Kusama with adder-collator genesis state and code?

The Wiki needs an update. Due to the issue discussed here the deposit needed defaults to MAX_CODE_SIZE
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How to contribute a bulk coretime region to an instantaneous coretime pool to earn rewards and so it remains renewable indefinitely?

There seem to be multiple questions, so I will try to answer them one by one. Yes, the registration cost is fixed at the maximum amount, even for runtimes as simple as the adder collator. The reason ...
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Unexpected panics after upgrading template to v1.10.0

Looking at your, you changed CheckAssociatedRelayNumber from: type CheckAssociatedRelayNumber = RelayNumberMonotonicallyIncreases; Here. To: type CheckAssociatedRelayNumber = ...
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How to run substrate-parachain-template as parachain testnet?

the guide is outdated and probably the relaychain's nodes are crashing because of the missing workers. Can you copy the workers to the bin folder (the same directory where the polakadot binary is ...
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