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How to integrate pallet-asset?

I assume you have already set up the basic runtime. It could work independently. Refer to the official template node. It shows that pallet-asset doesn't depend on any other special pallets. https://...
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What's the correct way to add a new pallet to a live runtime?

Thats a good question! There is indeed a difference between adding a pallet at genesis and adding it into a live runtime. When a pallet is added into the genesis state, its build function is called ...
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How to access functions of pallet-assets from custom pallet?

loosely couple Assets pallet with your custom pallet using fungibles::Unbalanced trait. Then, simply T::Assets::decrease_balance() inside your pallet.
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Build Error with `tikv-jemalloc-sys v0.5.4+5.3.0-patched` in Substrate Node Template

I had the exact same issue Prefix should not contain spaces just now and I probably went through the same solutions that you have tried with nothing actually working. So you can see in this ...
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