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Pallet membership and Pallet Proxy - what are the use cases?

In practice, what pallet_membership does is allows you to create "collectives" of accounts, specify the types of actions the collective can take, and with what threshold. For instance, this ...
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Can I use event data from previous calls in a batch?

As far as I know that is not something that batchAll enables, nor any of the other extrinsics exposed in pallet_utility. Though, it doesn't seem like a trivial approach, as what would happen if the ...
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How to decode an error that happened in a proxy.proxy call

Thanks a lot forgetso for your help. this definitely got me on the right track. For some reason, the asModule didn't work. I had subsequent TS errors such as toNumber is not a function. I had to use ...
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How to decode an error that happened in a proxy.proxy call

I think you need to strip the trailing zeroes from the error code and decode the error as follows: const mod = dispatchError.asModule const error = api.registry.findMetaError( ...
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