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Polkadot.js and Ledger device compatibility

Make sure that your Ledger firmware is the latest version: 2.0.2 Make sure that your Polkadot ledger app is the latest version: 11.9170.0 As you mentioned in the comments your derivation path ...
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Polkadot.js and Ledger device compatibility

Firstly, I would like to advise that you shouldn't contribute DOT using a Ledger account. It becomes problematic when trying to access the crowdloaned tokens. A regular account created on Polkadot....
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Signing with Ledger outside of the browser

You can totally do that, you could check out the asset-cli-tool, especially the ledger signer for some guidance and an example on how to use the Ledger to sign some tx and PJS to submit it, but it's ...
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When staking polkadot on the Ledger Live app, how do I select validators to avoid the error - There are no active nominations?

Although the minimum amount to submit nomination intent is 10 DOT, the minimum nomination amount to receive staking rewards on Polkadot is dynamic and can change from era to era (each era is a day on ...
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Issues with Ledger Nano S Plus - not able to sign for Polkadot.js web extension

Can you try the following? Open the extension in a new window (it's under the Settings menu with the gear icon) Try to make a transaction from your Ledger account. This time you should get an "...
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