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How to run a `polkadot-dev` or `kusama-dev` node?

The -dev and -local chains are not available in the polkadot-sdk nodes since their corresponding chain-spec has been removed and is now present in the fellowship repo along with the other runtimes. So ...
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List IP addresses of all validators

You can use authority-discovery to get the current and next set of authorities but I'm not aware of any direct calls that you can make to fetch the IP addresses of validators. The look-up yields a Vec&...
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Do I need to create a proposal on OpenGov in order to open an HRMP channel?

This wiki page should answer your question:
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Where is the plain chain spec for kusama that i can use with a kusama runtime locally?

You can go to: and build the repo. And then: ./target/release/chain-spec-generator kusama-local
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