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What are the risks of panicking inside an extrinsic call?

Your node's runtime thread will crash, and that extrinsic won't be included in the block. I recall that Frontier used this to prevent certain invalid extrinsics from being included in the block. (But ...
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Specific extrinsic stalls the parachain even though the collation is successfully produced

It turns out that an update to polkadot-v0.9.42 of the runtime did solve the issue. It is not clear yet why this resolved the issue. However, this included the change to XCM v3.
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The given validation code was rejected by the PVF pre-checking vote

Thanks to the answer posted at, I was able to determine that I was missing private keys that should have been inserted. Following the documentation, I ...
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Onboarding new collator to live network

You are seeing this error because you have not registered your new node as a validator candidate. See this guide with the steps to fix that: How to add new collators on a running parachain?
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