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Questions tagged [zero-knowlage]

Zero Knowledge. Being able to prove you know something without disclosing what you know.

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Conflicting `Encode` and `Decode` Trait Implementations for Type Aliases in a custom pallet

I'm working on a custom pallet related to the zero-knowledge proof system and I've run into an issue regarding the trait implementations. I have defined a fixed-size hash type H256 using a custom ...
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2 answers

implement ZKP in substrate

I'm building a custom blockchain using Substrate, and I want to include Zero Knowledge Proofs to enable secure and private transactions. Can someone provide an example of how to implement Zero ...
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Does substrate support bn128?

Background Implementation pairing operation over elliptic curves from the following "families" with parameters such as base field, extension tower structure, coefficients defined in runtime: ...
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Is there a Zkp pallet? or implementation?

I am looking for the application of ZKP protocols in Substrate. By looking around I've found a project called ZeroChain but it seems to be deprecated and no longer maintained. Are there any Substrate ...
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Web3 Foundation - Accountable light clients via BLS multisignature rollup

I listened to a talk at zksummit7 titled "Web3 Foundation Accountable light clients via BLS multisignature rollup" given by Alistair from web3f. My interpretation of the talk is that ...
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zk SNARKs based anonymous voting [closed]

I want to implement zk-SNARKs based anonymous voting. Are there examples or packages available for substrate? Where can I get started.
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