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UnexpectedReponse in XCM when using ReportTransactStatus

I'm having issues when using the ReportTransactStatus in my XCM message as it gives me a UnexpectedResponse in my origin Parachain. How can I register the matching query in the origin, so when the ...
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Using ReportTransactStatus in XCM give me a unroutable error

I am getting an 'Unroutable' error when setting an Error Handler using ReportTransactStatus in my XCM Message. I am using the polkadot-v1.0.0, at V3 of XCM. match send_xcm::<T::XcmSender>( (...
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Tokens lost when XCM MessageProcessor "Processing failed"?

Right after Kusama got upgraded to 1.0, all the upward messages from Mangata started to fail on Kusama with the following error: messageQueue.ProcessingFailed Message discarded due to an error in the ...
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XCM via governance

Hi All I am currently embarking on trying to send funds from the treasury via XCM I am fairly certain this isn't possible right now because the treasury origin does not have send rights. I am ...
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How to use pallet Instance in Xcm?

I was using xcm and while filling parameters in destination, I encountered through a field Interior:xcmv2multilocationJunction and i selected x1 there . After that there is x1:xcmv2Junction which ...
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Can we modify storages using Cross Chain Message Passing(XCM)?

I am currently working on transferring NFTs from one chain to another using XCM. To accomplish this, I need to remove the NFTs from the storage of the source chain and add them to the storage of ...
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Error AssetNotFound - How to send XCM Instruction::Transact?

I have a couple of questions related to sending XCM messages. More specifically, I am trying to send a message from an Astar node to the Polkadot relay chain. The XCM message contains the Instruction::...
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Benchmarks not getting skipped with Err(BenchmarkError::Skip)

I am using the pallet_xcm_benchmarks, in the config for pallet_xcm_benchmarks::generic, I have used impl pallet_xcm_benchmarks::generic::Config for Runtime { fn worst_case_asset_exchange() -> ...
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Default proof size for XCM v2<>v3 compatibility

Code Snippets & Overview With the introduction of XCM v3, a new XcmBaseWeight was introduced both for Kusama and Polkadot (here & here). The estimate is 64 kB per instruction: pub const ...
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Why does BuyExecution not support JIT fees in XCM v3?

The XCM v3 implementation of BuyExecution does not make use of the newly introduced JIT fees withdrawal. (e.g. used via take_fee here in ExportMessage) Why is that?
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