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I want to get ws rpc url with the docker image for our substrate node

I'm in the process of creating a Docker image for our Substrate-node, and I used that following method to accomplish it. # This is an example build stage for the node template. Here we create the ...
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How to Handle Disconnections with WsProvider for Persistent Browser Tabs and Safari on IOS?

We're currently working on [Grill. chat] ( uses the WsProvider to establish a WebSocket connection with xSubsocial node. However, we are encountering an issue where the WebSocket ...
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NGINX Reverse Proxy JSON Parse Error

I have NGINX and SSL set up on Digital Ocean Linux Ubuntu, running an RPC node. The RPC node sees the Polkadot-JS/apps and accepts the connection but the Polkadot-JS/apps never sees anything in return ...
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List of WSS endpoints for parachains (OR Is there a way to parse typescript code into JSON or other python readable object?)

I would like to programmatically get a list of all the WSS urls for parachains. I don't know if this is available anywhere, but I have not seen it. This source code has what I want, but it is in the ...
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No new blocks with dockerized local RPC node

I want to run the substrate node locally(with docker) to use it as an RPC provider(via ws). I want to use "author.pendingExtrinsics" method as well as "chain.subscribeNewHeads" and ...
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RPC connection errors(rate limits?)

How to check the rate limits of concrete RPC? It works until some time and then starts throwing an error. I suspect it's the rate limits I connect to the remote node. For example wss://acala-rpc....
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Nginx Websocket Proxy Error - 502 Bad Gateway

I am getting this error below from nginx [error] 32#32: *4 upstream prematurely closed connection while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "GET / HTTP/1....
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fork-off-substrate dying at 37% with rpc max size disconnect

I'm trying to get fork-off to work with a pair of custom types( and I am getting fork-off-substrate to work with a WS socket instead of a HTTP RPC ...
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Can't connect to pokadot-js UI from my VPS blockchain

I ran a Polkadot node from my VPS: ./target/release/polkadot \ --alice \ --validator \ --base-path /tmp/relay/alice \ --chain rococo-custom-2-raw.json \ --port 30333 \ --ws-port 9944 But it's not ...
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