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Difference between HTTP server, RPC server, and WebSockets in the context of Substrate framework?

In the context of the Substrate framework, I'm trying to understand the differences between an HTTP server, an RPC server, and WebSockets. Specifically, how do these communication mechanisms relate to ...
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Parachain RPC errors since Polkadot 0.9.36 client upgrade

Astar uplifted to Polkadot 0.9.36 in v4.47.1 Client upgrade introduces 2 new errors on RPC nodes, both WS and HTTP. HTTP: lots of these errors - seems high impact HTTP serve connection failed hyper::...
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"Cannot convert undefined or null to object" using polkadot.js in substrate tutorials

I've been following through the pallets tutorial: and got stuck at the last step of interacting with the blockchain....
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"Cannot call send() while not connected" with RPC websocket provider

I will try to explain it briefly. I'm using Promise API to connect to few different RPCs (ws). Also I'm listening to an event connected on each websocket provider. When all providers are connected I ...
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Can't Connect to Chain through websocket

My Polkadot-JS explorer UI does not load when i connect to the local chain and gives a websocket error. API-WS: disconnected from ws:// 1006:: Abnormal Closure It just started this ...
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Opt-out of polkadot.js/api system_health calls for wss rpc

We have been spoiled with free, almost unlimited public websocker rpcs in Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem, but this is changing fast, so we are exploring paid RPC API services. But we have noticed that ...
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Nginx Websocket Proxy Error - 502 Bad Gateway

I am getting this error below from nginx [error] 32#32: *4 upstream prematurely closed connection while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "GET / HTTP/1....
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fork-off-substrate dying at 37% with rpc max size disconnect

I'm trying to get fork-off to work with a pair of custom types( and I am getting fork-off-substrate to work with a WS socket instead of a HTTP RPC ...
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Intermitent errors with jsonrpsee: WS error: i/o error: Transport endpoint is not connected (os error 107); terminate connection 1056

We've been getting some intermitent websocket connection issues on our production polkadot UI node since the upgrade to jsonrpsee. We are running a single Polkadot 0.9.24 container image on our K8s ...
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API-WS: disconnected from ws:// 1006:: Abnormal Closure

I'm trying to connect local node running on my pc using polkadot.js library in react.js(browser). I'm pasting my code in below snippet and error that I'm facing in chrome console Code // **************...
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Connection refused using --unsafe-rpc-external --unsafe-ws-external

I'm trying to connect to my local node using the --unsafe-rpc-external --unsafe-ws-external flags when running the node. I can connect to the node through a node.js script, but not from a browser ...
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How to connect to cloud hosted node using WebSocket?

I'm currently running a node on a cloud machine and I'm running into several issues when trying to connect to it using the Polkadot Portal. I've tried doing it in two ways, the first is by running the ...
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Dev Substrate Node at Capacity for WS Connections, how to flush?

I'm running a node in dev mode: ./substrate/target/release/substrate --dev --tmp --ws-external My client connection code: provider = new WsProvider(wsProvider) api = await new ApiPromise({ provider })....
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How to map out transaction history between different WebSocket endpoints?

I would like to begin putting together a history of the usage of different WebSockets across different parachains and parathreads. I am relatively new to this ecosystem and have not been about to ...
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what's a good value for `--ws-max-connections`?

calamari parachain uses an aws dns latency based load balancer for the dns entry used by polkadot.js for websocket interactions with calamari. there are multiple, geographically ...
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