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Wasm traps in ink contract but not in a `wasm-pack` test

I have a contract that implements some ZKP verification logic with plonk. The verification logic is contained in some other crate that can be compiled to Wasm, and there are wasm-pack tests like this: ...
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How is wasmi different from wasmtime?

I found wasmi is a dependency in multiple substrate crates, but there's one crate that also uses wasmtime. How is wasmi different from wasmtime?
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ERROR: Your wasm-opt version is 91, but we require a version >= 99

I am doing the prepare your first contract tutorial on subtrate and i am getting the following error ERROR: Your wasm-opt version is 91, but we require a version >= 99.Can anyone please tell me how ...
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Is the WASM blob created from ink! contract always deterministic

The contract's source code is provided during the contract verification on a block explorer (or some other source verifier). The block explorer needs to compile that source and verify if the generated ...
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Wasm interpreter in pallet-contracts

I have a question about how pallet-contracts interprets a Wasm contract. Are the following assumptions correct? pallet-contracts interprets contracts through the simple wasmi interpreter gas metering ...
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Performance of same logic with a contract using pallet-contracts vs. a native pallet (excluding metering)

I'm wondering what is current state of the art of Substrate's pallet-contracts performance as compared to the same functional implementation as a pallet. I acknowledge that different logic can have ...
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In what way(s) is the wasmi project used in Substrate/Polkadot?

What is the purpose of using wasmi in Substrate/Polkadot? Would it also be possible to use the wasmer project instead?
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Wasmi is not related to the polkadot or substrate?

Does wasmi only function as an interpreter that changes the rust code to wasm? Wasmi is not related to the function of Polkadot, such as scale codec(encode, decode extrinsics) or signing and signature ...
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