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How we can test the vesting config given to by unit testing?

I have added the vesting schedule/config to the and passed it to config of vesting pallet in Can we test the vesting schedule/configs by unit test cases? if yes can you provide any sample
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Any example to using vesting pallet?

I have integrated the vesting pallet to my chain. Do we have any example how to use it and and how to prepare vesting config?
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When a vested transfer is sent to an account with vested and staked funds, the rewards become transferable. Is this expected?

Here is the scenario: You get X DOT in vested transfer (with schedule A) and you stake them and compound the rewards (transferable = 0). After some time, you have X + Y staked and you get another Z ...
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How to use system.setStorage()?

Context: I need to put some data on vesting pallet. There is no such things as setVestedStorage, so I need to use system.setStorage ( for the complete form) from the polkadotjs ...
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What is the difference between Free Balance, Reserved Balance, Locked Balance, Vesting Balance, etc...?

In the Substrate blockchain development framework, the FRAME Balances pallet references 4 different kinds of balance: Free Balance Reserved Balance Locked Balance Vesting Balance What are the ...
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