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FetchPOV Timeout issue with Basilisk(Kusama)

I am facing fetchPOV timeout issue with basilisk chain 100% of the time while para-validating. I suspect that this could be a geolocation issue(Singapore) as many other validators in Singapore are ...
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`<Runtime as TaggedTransactionQueue<Block>>::validate_transaction()` vs `frame_system::Config::BaseCallFilter` for checking for a valid transaction

When is it appropriate to use <Runtime as TaggedTransactionQueue<Block>>::validate_transaction() to check if a transaction is valid (and reject a transaction if it is invalid) and when is ...
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Is it possible to access a specific pallet's storage item in the function `<Runtime as TaggedTransactionQueue<Block>::validate_transaction()`?

I want to access a specific pallet's storage item (for example: a StorageMap or StorageValue) in the function <Runtime as TaggedTransactionQueue<Block>::validate_transaction() (note: this ...
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pre_dispatch() vs validate()?

Why use pre_dispatch() vs. validate()? What are some guidelines for using pre_dispatch(), post_dispatch(), and the various variants of validate()?
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Difference between SignedExtension default behavior vs. actual behavior (expand_outer_validate_unsigned)

We're trying to understand the signed transaction vs. unsigned transaction lifecycle, and what ensure_signed actually does for you. What it seemed was, if you submitted an unsigned transaction to our ...
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dApp registration issue - Shiden Network

I'm in the process of making a video tutorial for The Kusamarian YouTube channel :"How to register a dApp on Shiden Network" I went through all the steps, but it failed at the end. Could you ...
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Extrinsic's string parameter lower bound validation

I want to validate the extrinsic string parameters like name, title, cid, etc. The type should be capable of min/max length validation. And checking the lower bound is impossible with the current ...
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Example of MockValidationDataInherentDataProvider usage​

Is there any example of how to use MockValidationDataInherentDataProvider to run a parachain with mock validation? I've been looking all over and can't seem to find any documentation or example of it'...
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Substrate Pallet::Call, unpack the Pallet:Call's content

In default Substrate-Node-Template I want to make some actions inside validate_transaction function which is located in runtime/src/ fn validate_transaction( source: ...
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Transactions lifecycle

I was wondering what is the process of a transaction being removed or dropped from a transaction pool. When a transaction is submitted to the network, It is validated by a node and then gossiped to ...
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How to add callback function after block validation?

I am currently developing a parachain, and I'd like to add some custom events after block validation and log block authors who produce invalid blocks. I found that the trait ...
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