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Unstoppable code is the difference between can't and won't.

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What are the shortcomings of Polkadot's governance and what will its next iteration be?

What are the shortcomings of the current governance mechanism in Polkadot and how will its next iteration address those?
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Democracy rework in Substrate

Am I correct in understanding that the governance portion of Polkadot/Kusama/Substrate is undergoing a small revolution in terms of code? Based on what I've seen/heard: Democracy is undergoing a re-...
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How-to bootstrap your new blockchain network without centralised infrastructure

I am looking for best practices around this topic. I liked how webrtc-star was easy to use, however I have not found anything in the rust ecosystem that is similar. In my mind it would be great if ...
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Smart contract to IPFS communication

Assuming I was a smart contract deployed in a Parachain EVM wanting to cross out to IPFS to save or read data, what is the best way of achieving this in a decentralised way. For example, doing this ...
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