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I want to implement NFT purchasing function in the marketplace based on a substrate node

Now I am trying to implement NFT purchasing functionality based on a substrate node. I got this function from the polkadot js documentation. buyItem(collection: u32, item: u32, bid_price: u128) ...
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Uncaught (in promise) Error: Cannot convert 'InBlock' via asFinalized

I am trying to sign and send some transactions using the batch function. Here are some code snippets for reproduction. const nftMinting = async (item) => { try { let collection = 1 ...
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Is the uniques approvals functionality correct?

When an owner of an item makes a call to approve_transfer he allows an account to make transfers with that item. But if the owner transfers the item to a third account after making a call to ...
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How to decorate polkadot.js api with upcoming runtime features

There's upcoming features coming to pallet uniques. They are now merged to master of substrate repo but not yet released. We would like to be prepared for it on Singular marketplace but not 100% sure ...
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Polkadot.js API how to add the name of an item and collection of NFT's using uniques

could someone help me with this please. I am using the polkadot.js explorer to add a collection of NFT's to a chain. I can add the collection using this. Does anyone know how to add the name of an ...
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How to create NFT in Statemint?

How to create nft in statemint in javascript.and how to set the nft images. can any one provide the example. my test code go wrong. const wsProvider = new polkadot.WsProvider("wss://westmint-rpc....
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