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Show custom RPCs/RuntimeAPIs in PolkadotJS UI

At the moment I try to figure out why PolkadotJS UI ( is not able to show my custom RPC endpoints or runtime APIs. They are available in general and also available in the list ...
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1 answer

Delegator-based contract causes UI interface to crash

I have a funny problem, hopefully, someone can help. I have an environment similar to the delegator example contract: one delegator-like contract, one accumulator-like contract, and one adder-like ...
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Auto-upload Contracts To UI OR Pre-Populate Dropzone In Modal For Adding Contracts on Polkadot-JS/apps

We are using a clone of the Polkadot-JS/apps. Our users will need to have several contracts loaded to the UI in order to use the apps. We want our users to be able to add an existing contract to their ...
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