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Updating AssetId when using pallet_assets

I am trying to use the pallet_asset, but the AssetId type is giving me some trouble. Try nbr.1: Create a storage value TokenId that takes a u32 Create the AssetId from the u32 inside the storage: ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How to check type info in substrate?

I want to debug and check if the variable has my expected type or not. So how do I debug and print out the type?
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1 vote
0 answers

how to get type registry for substrate v4.0.0 parachain?

so i have a parachain upgraded to substrate 4.0.0 and i need the type registry of this chain in order to work with subscan-essentials normally with substrate-node-template subscan-essentials work ...
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Multiple test mock runtimes with slightly different configs based off common base?

We have some custom pallet unit tests that use multiple mock runtimes that are configured slightly differently. The problem is that when we have to make changes to the runtime, we have to apply those ...
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