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Cant produce new blocks with custom ChainSpec file

I was using substrate version of 4.0.0-dev-41ad4a6c9d7 and following the Add Trusted Nodes for making a custom account as a Authorites account here, I can't able to produce new blocks, I don't know ...
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How to migrate from Kusama to Polkadot?

I want to migrate my production parachain from Kusama or Polkadot. How can I achieve this?
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"Cannot convert undefined or null to object" using polkadot.js in substrate tutorials

I've been following through the pallets tutorial: and got stuck at the last step of interacting with the blockchain....
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duplicate lang item in crate `sp_io` (which `frame_support` depends on): `panic_impl`

I am following the Substrate tutorial on adding pallets. However, when I add pallet-nicks to the Cargo.toml located in the runtime folder and then add the pallets-nicks implementation to the ...
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in the second tutorial i didn't had to specify a key for bob, how did it work?

In the second tutorial where we simulate a network with two nodes, we add Bob however we use --bootnodes option and we didn't specify the keys for bob. what does that option do specifically, i assume ...
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Tutorial - Simulate a network: I've started 4 nodes (Alice/Bob/Charlie/Eve), but not all of the nodes show '3 peers' While working on this tutorial, I decided to go beyond the Alice and Bob nodes and also started Charlie and Eve nodes. While adding ...
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Error on Launching the First Node Following the Tutorial

I was following the substrate get started tutorial. In the "Trusted Network - Add trusted nodes", I was failed to start the first node step. (I was using the virtual machine and the os is ...
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Not able to build local blockchain as per documenation tutorial

Getting the following error and not able to build my first local blockchain using the documentation tutorial: 3 warnings generated. /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/ranlib: file: ...
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Simulate Network Tutorial [closed]

So from the new tutorial website: Few scrolls down there is a line: ./target/release/node-...
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Cannot produce and finalize blocks with 2 node peer

I want to connect 2 nodes via custom chain specification via Internet IP public I. STEP 1: Create Aura and grandpa --- NODE 01---- ...
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ink! tutorial: substrate-contracts-node build fails

I am making my way through the ink! "First Contract" tutorial: When trying to download the precompiled node: cargo install contracts-...
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Keys cannot be added to keystore

Problem Keys cannot be added to keystore. Situation description To launch the private network, the boot node was first started and succeeded.[❶] The next time I tried to add a keys to the keystore I ...
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Is there any wargame-like for Substrate?

In my opinion, the best way to learn things is by practicing. The Substrate's tutorial (and docs) are already great on that matter. But I have to say that I miss something around security there. I ...
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