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How To Send Transactions Fees to Treasury Instead of Burning Tokens?

I am new to Substrate development, and I have installed locally the substrate node template. It works well, but for my little project the native token is linked to physical assets and by default in ...
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XCM via governance

Hi All I am currently embarking on trying to send funds from the treasury via XCM I am fairly certain this isn't possible right now because the treasury origin does not have send rights. I am ...
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How to link a Referendum with a Treasury Proposal

I want to link the Open Gov referendum that requests funding from the Treasury with the Treasury proposal. I see that this is done in Polkassembly. An example is this: The Referenda which has an id 62 ...
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What can a parachain sovereignAccount be used for and why does it differ the Treasury Account?

The question comes in three parts: Each parachain has its own sovereignAccount which can be calculated as described in the answer to this question, but how is that account used since it can receive ...
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Polkadot JS Apps UI - Treasury Proposals - Threshold met but proposals not listed as approved, unable to close

We are running a test chain based on the Substrate kitchen-sink node (code here: and using the UI. We can submit a ...
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About Polkadot's new mint token How much of it goes to the treasury?

Is there any way to find out how many of the tokens from the new mint on Polkadot/Kusama have been given to treasury?
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