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XCM via governance

Hi All I am currently embarking on trying to send funds from the treasury via XCM I am fairly certain this isn't possible right now because the treasury origin does not have send rights. I am ...
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XCM transfer of ROC from parachain to Rococo does not update balance on Rococo

I am currently successfully able to transfer ROC from Rococo to a parachain using a Reserve Asset Transfer. However when I want to transfer some of the ROC from our parachain back to Rococo but when I ...
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DOT, KSM transfer sign payload order

I want to know the scale codec order for sign payload cause currently I can't transfer WND, KSM right now currently my codec order is method call -> era -> nonce -> tip -> specVer -> ...
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KSM DOT Extrinsic difference?

Does anyone know that is there a difference between DOT / KSM / Westend transactions? Context: A common send/transfer transaction... I can generate same pk and address for Dot and KSm and WST chains ...
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