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how i can pay transaction fees through custom token

i am currently using substrate full node . and i have created non native custom tokens through assets like of name KAR . when i transfer these custom tokens i.e KAR from one account to another the ...
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What is the reason for this unexpected transaction ordering

My understanding is that transaction priority and therefore the ordering in the block is determined by the fee and tip paid. I have noticed a number of times that transactions with the highest total ...
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How can I ensure that the validator and nominator do not incur transaction fees?

I would like to prevent the fees mechanism within the chain from imposing any transaction fees on validators and nominations. Could someone kindly provide guidance on achieving this?
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How can one design and implement a fee rule?

I hope you are doing well! How can one design and implement a fee rule on a substrate-based blockchain that is contingent on the transaction payment value? I would like to create this fee rule based ...
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How to apply a custom transaction fee to specific accounts for a given number of blocks?

For example, if you have built a custom Substrate-based chain and added Substrate pallets to enable on-chain governance (i.e. pallet_democracy, pallet_referenda). How would you apply a custom ...
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