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How to change the NextAuthorities set from custom pallet?

The NextAuthorities is only updated in function enact_epoch_change() in pallet_babe and this function is called in Trait EpochChangeTrigger (pallet_babe) and OnSessionHandler so, in the ...
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Trait bond Clone not satisfied by pallet constant

Trying to implement boundedVecs for an struct, but the compiler is telling me that I can´t Clone the struct because the StringLimit Constant doesn´t comply with the Clone Trait. This is the definition ...
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Deriving Contract Reference from `ink::trait_definition`

Is it possible to create a Contract Reference to perform a Cross-Contract call from ink::trait_definition? If it is, how can I do so? If it is not, why it is not possible? It seems strange that we can ...
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Why BoundedVec does not implement a Decode trait

A clear explanation will be appreciated as to why Decode trait is not implemented while encode is. What are the design reason for this?
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error[E0405]: cannot find trait `Trait` in crate pallet_contracts

I am performing the (add the contracts pallet to a runtime) substrate tutorial and I am getting this error error[E0405]: cannot find trait Trait in crate pallet_contracts --> runtime/src/
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decl_storage macro syntax

decl_storage! { trait Store for Module<T: Trait> as KittyStorage { Kitties get(kitty): map T::Hash => Kitty<T::Hash, T::Balance>; What is this for use? What is Store ? is ...
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Explanation on this syntax: pub trait Config<I: 'static = ()>: frame_system::Config

I was contributing on pallet-assets and I found it hard to understand this syntax: pub trait Config<I: 'static = ()>: frame_system::Config Care to explain in details and examples?
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What is the purpose of CreateSignedTransaction<LocalCall>?

From docs : Create signed transaction. This trait is meant to be implemented by the runtime and is responsible for constructing a payload to be signed and contained within the extrinsic. This will ...
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