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How to disable "tips" with Aura?

How can transaction tips be disabled or configured (say, limited) with Aura consensus?
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Transaction pool extrinsic prioritization

Currently, the transaction pool in Astar network is full with a lot of unsigned EVM transactions, which cause user transactions sent without a tip to be stuck. We are currently researching a way to ...
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How to calculate the optimal tip for Substrate

Currently, Astar network's transaction volume has increased drastically and we are having some trouble prioritizing the tx queue. With EVM, there are many RPCs like eth_gasPrice,eth_feeHistory, and ...
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Why after passing more than 24 hours some tips close button on Polkadot js are still grey/disabled?

After a treasury tip receives "half + 1" tips from the councils, It goes to the countdown period. I run on Polkadot an get 14,400, which should be in blocks! If ...
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