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How to test smart contract timestamp dependent behavior?

how can I test block_timestamp-dependent smart contract behavior? The substrate contact node doesn't allow block_timestamp manipulations. For context, in the EVM ecosystem, one can use hardhat helpers ...
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Assertion Failed error when minimumPeriod is set to 0

I'm currently working on upgrading a parachain to use Asynchronous Backing which requires a change in the pallet_timestamp making the MinimumPeriod = 0 impl pallet_timestamp::Config for Runtime { ....
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How to add custom process without exceeding the block time?

The question can seem weird but here is the geist of it : In a custom chain with 20 sec block time, we have a different format of header that includes more information. At the end of the block, we ...
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pallet scheduler with timestamp instead of blocknumber?

Is it possible to schedule a call using timestamp from timestamp pallet instead of blocknumber? The docs of scheduler pallet states the following: "This Pallet exposes capabilities for scheduling ...
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Problem with timestamps in governance platform

I have governance platform written in ink!, where I can create poll with pollId, number of options, and with poll_start_time and poll_end_time. And this is fine. So when poll is started I can't call ...
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What is the ValidAtTimestamp error supposed to mean?

In pallet-timestamp, what is InherentError::ValidAtTimestamp supposed to mean exactly? let minimum = (Self::now() + T::MinimumPeriod::get()).saturated_into::<u64>(); if t > *(data + ...
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How to set timestamp in benchmarks?

Is it possible to use std for benchmarks? If not, how can I get timestamps in a benchmark? I tried using this but it didn't compile: #[cfg(feature = "runtime-benchmarks")] extern crate std;...
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How to get previous block time using timestamp

How I can get the previous block time using timestamp pallet
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Can any one tell me why weight generated via benchmarking execution is varying on each execution

I have written the benchmarking code for the pallet, Used the below CLI command to run benchmarking - ./target/release/node-template benchmark pallet --pallet pallet_usd_rate --extrinsic "*" ...
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At what time is `Timestamp::now` no longer undefined?

The documentation of the Timestamp pallet states that the result of Timestamp::now() is undefined until Timestamp::set is called for the first time. Looking at the implementation details, you can see ...
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Rust ink! Utc::now() from chrono libary returns : function or associated item not found in `chrono::Utc'

as the title suggests. I imported chrono 0.4 just like in the documentation Here And when i ever i call Utc::now() to get current UTC time, i get error that the function now() doesn't not exists. Here ...
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On empty blocks, who is paying timestamp fees?

On empty blocks you can see such transactions where paysFee: Yes. What does it mean though? Who is paying the fees for the timestamp module?
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How to estimate the timestamp of a future block in Substrate?

I have some expiry time in block number which I need to deem some storage values expired after that block number, however in the UX I want to present this value as an estimated datetime. So to be able ...
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How can we convert the timestamp to the date/time in Substrate pallet?

I need to get the system time in my pallet for which I am able to get the epoch format like 1590512778000. Now I need to convert this time to the date-time. I tried many ways but none worked. Can you ...
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