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Modifying / extending existing substrate pallet without cloning full source

I would like to modify the substrate transaction-payment pallet's CurrencyAdapter without cloning the entire crate into the local pallets. What's the best practice to provide another implementation ...
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trait bound pallet::Config not satisfied even it is implemented

If more context is needed, it is available in commit b392cfa3, file I'm trying to add a mock for my pallet pallet_quotas in order to implement unit tests. My pallet depends on a certain ...
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Combining instanced pallets w/ non-instanced pallets

Overview We have a system that leverages both instanced pallets and non-instanced pallets. Specifically, we have pallets that maintain on-chain merkle trees. We can have many instances of these ...
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How to create a RuntimeCall with custom values and submit it to the utility pallet's batch function?

I have a custom pallet that is tightly coupled to the utility pallet. I am trying to call the batch function to perform a batch of balance transfers. The tests of the utility pallet (that create ...
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Transactional macro cross pallet transaction

Suppose I have the following cross pallet function call // Pallet A : method that sets a storage variable pub fn try_set_value_in_pallet_a(value: u64) -> DispatchResult { ensure!(!value.is_zero(...
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When should I split a pallet in two or more?

I've recently posted a question about this topic, but I want to make it more general, as people might have the same issue as me. I've checked some substrate based repositories like subsocial or debio, ...
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How to properly use pallet coupling

I'm trying to avoid using tight coupling for my pallets as it seems to be a bad idea for later enhancements. I'm also facing issues when trying to create a file for, but that's another issue ...
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pallet loose-coupling+tight-coupling, and missing traits

The question is about both types of pallets-coupling. let's say we have 3 pallets A,B, and C. C is tightly coupled to B (C Config is added in B Config), and we want to do a loose Coupling of A and B ...
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How do I use storage and functions from one custom pallet in another?

Is there a way for one custom pallet to access the storage or functions from another custom pallet? For Example: Pallet 1 #[pallet::storage] pub(super) type MyValue<T: Config> = StorageValue<...
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