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A *sufficient* asset is one that is marked as valuable enough to be able to pay fees in that asset rather than having to use the native asset. Note at the moment there may be a cost to this convenience.

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Does holding only sufficient asset in statemint imply there is no ED for the account?

Do I need to account for ED when transferring Sufficient asset from statemine to parachain?
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6 votes
2 answers

How to pay transaction fees using the custom token created by using pallet_assets?

At the moment the transaction fee is payed as the native token in the substrate node template. When I create a new asset_id(say BAT) a fungible asset using pallet_assets, How can I now pay the ...
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3 votes
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If Sufficiency of a Statemint asset is revoked, what happens to the accounts holding only that asset?

For context: there are proposals to make RMRK and USDT as Sufficient assets. The existential deposit requirement is ...
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