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Substrate-Connect Integration For Custom Chain Without BootNodes In The Chain Spec JSON

My question is: what is the best way to specify bootnodes for substrate-connect, inside the JS application, in this situation? We are integrating substrate-connect into a JS application that uses the ...
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unable to discover and connect the peer to the --chain contracts-rococo-local

I'm trying to have my node discover and connect to the blockchain terminal so that the peer count will update from 0 peers to 1 peers. However, I keep getting this message: 2024-03-15 18:38:36.394 ...
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Smoldot + polkadotjs: UnusedProofEntry when attempting to query a contract

I'm running a custom smoldot node, synced with a hosted bootnode, in a react-based application and attempting to interact with an ink! contract deployed to the network. My fork of smoldot accounts for ...
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Using Substrate Connect to Query custom chain pallets

We have been testing out the WS Provider in POlkadotJS and its working good with our custom pallets. However we just got substrate Connect working with our custom substrate based node. The assets ...
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