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How to configure polkadot + parachain locally to validate parachain block each 6 sec?

I want to spin up parachain LOCALLY faster. each 6 sec. How to configure polkadot with parachain? I have seen this and this and this post So my zombienet contains polkadot(obviusly😊) and two ...'s user avatar
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4 votes
1 answer

How can I make my node generate blocks only when they receive transactions?

In substrate node template we can see that blocks are producing and finalizing if no transaction happening so how I can make my node to only generate blocks when there are transactions happening.
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1 answer

Blocktime double than expected (Standalone network)

We are currently running a standalone network, with the blocktime set to 6000ms, but we are seeing fluctuating values as below As you can see, there is no real relation between blocksizes or ...
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Why my solo chain block time is 12 seconds when set to 6?

I have an my own Substrate node (not a parachain, based on the template-node, so Aura consensus is used) and I changed the block time to 6 seconds in the runtime/src/ by setting pub const ...
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2 answers

What could happen if the `BlockWeights` is set HIGHER than `MILLISECS_PER_BLOCK` (block time)?

In Substrate docs, it's said: "The maximum block weight should be equivalent to one-third of the target block time, allocating one third for block construction, one third for network propagation, ...
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What happens when I decrease the `MILLISECS_PER_BLOCK` parameter in runtime/src/

I need to change the MILLISECS_PER_BLOCK parameter to generate blocks more quickly. For example I can set it to 100 so that my transaction can execute instantly. The question is: What will happen when ...
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fee economics around remark

From looking at the source code, it looks like system pallet's remark extrinsic has null weight. Even though remarks don't add anything in terms of block execution, one could argue it's still having ...
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9 votes
3 answers

How to estimate the timestamp of a future block in Substrate?

I have some expiry time in block number which I need to deem some storage values expired after that block number, however in the UX I want to present this value as an estimated datetime. So to be able ...
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