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proper setup for substrate archive node

pruning=archive will keep all the blocks in the nodes databases. As the blocks are there in the archive-node then do we really need a separate parallel postgres db as suggested in https://docs....
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Getting error after runtime upgrade

I am trying to upgrade the version of substrate on my running blockchain from version v0.9.25 to v0.9.36, everything is fine but after runtime upgrade my terminal shows this [869] 🏊‍♂️ Running ...
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Is there a way to start an archive node of a parachain using snapshots? How can we export/ import relaychain blocks?

Using export-blocks command we can export parachain blocks but when trying to export relay chain blocks we received error field RelaychainSpec not found. Is there a way to take snapshot of a parachain ...
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Not able to fetch historical blocks with Role: Authority

I am using polkadot v0.9.25 and run it on dev mode, it's role is authority and after 256 block when I try to fetch the data of 1 block it shows error Unable to retrieve the specified block details. -...
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Where to find validator heartbeat stored on substrate Blockchain

I'm looking for a place in Substrate where it stores validator heartbeat. I have gone through the staking pallet and I was unable to find it. Where do I need to look for it ?
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Substrate - Generating Transaction History of a Wallet

How can I generate transaction history of a wallet? I was able to run substrate-archive alongside polkadot and a template node in archive node. I stored onto postgres: state_traces, blocks, extrinsics,...
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Substrate-Archive, workaround for MAC?

Setting up Substrate-Archive for the first time. Tutorial/Wiki is a bit outdated. Following this solution that I found in "issues". Compiled and ran; however, I got an issue that I believe ...
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How to do "erasStakers" in Rust?

Very sorry for such a newbie question; just don't know where else to ask 🙏 Essentially, I want to programmatically dump from the network who won the most recent election. To do so, I'm issuing an ...
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Events in Substrate Archive

Does substrate archive store events anywhere? It doesn't seems like it does, although it saves extrinsics and its parameters. I'm also having this kind of issue when running the app with a custom ...
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How to perform arithmetic operation on Option<BalanceOf<T>>?

Hello all developers and community members, I am very new to Substrate and Rust. I am creating a pallet for NFT marketplace. for storing out the NFT details I've created a struct as mentioned below. ...
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Why does Substrate use rocksdb & paritydb over leveldb?

What are the benefits of rocksdb over leveldb? Can Substrate use leveldb? I understand that rocksdb was the database of choice for Parity Ethereum client, and paritydb aims to fix a lot of the ...
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Extending the substrate-archive with more on-chain data

Substrate community! Recently I came across the substrate-archive project. It does its indexing job extremely well, and I wanted to utilize it with some modifications here and there. Things I wanted ...
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How to use substrate archive for custom chains?

In the substrate archive wiki, they showed how to archive the polkadot chain's data. Now I want to get other chains' data (like a substrate template node or Astar, Moonbeam, etc). How can I do that? ...
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Is there a good indexer for substrate chains (like the graph)?

If we want to ask lots of queries about chain state (for example users activity over time etc.) is there a recommended or de-facto way of doing it? Ethereum has 'the graph' for example as a high ...
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