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How do nodes reach a consensus on storage items from a custom pallet?

If I have a StorageValue which is for example a rust BTree, and my custom pallets interacts with that BTree which should an invariant - let's say it's a BTree of integers, and n can be added to that ...
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StorageHasher: Blake2 vs Twox

When creating a StorageMap, a hashing algorithm needs to be chosen for the StorageHasher. frame_support provides a few options: Identity Blake2_128 Blake2_128Concat Blake2_256 Twox64Concat Twox128 ...
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How can I get all items in a storage map?

How can I get all items in a storage map? In polkadot-js, can we choose a storage map and give no id and its return all items? How can I do it like that?
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access storage map from another pallet without trait pallet Config

I have one pallet with a storagemap that I want to use/call with another Pallet. After doing some research I ran over Centrifuge fudge project(
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Get value *AND KEY* from iter_prefix_values

I have a StorageNMap #[pallet::storage] #[pallet::getter(fn resources)] /// Stores resource info pub type Resources<T: Config> = StorageNMap< _, ( ...
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