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how to teleport assets between statemint and polkadot in javascript

i have not found the examples to teleport between statemint and polkadot. is ther any one can give some examples in javascript.what i use is @polkadot/api this is my code: i have found the teleport ...
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How to create NFT in Statemint?

How to create nft in statemint in javascript.and how to set the nft images. can any one provide the example. my test code go wrong. const wsProvider = new polkadot.WsProvider("wss://westmint-rpc....
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If Sufficiency of a Statemint asset is revoked, what happens to the accounts holding only that asset?

For context: there are proposals to make RMRK and USDT as Sufficient assets. The existential deposit requirement is ...
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Influence of Existential Deposits on account assets

Statemint has an Existential Deposit threshold of 0.1 DOT. Say an account holds some amount of asset X, and transfers away all its DOT so that it goes below the ED. What happens to its holdings of ...
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How to access Statemint/Statemine assets in a parachain?

Statemint/Statemine provides a first-class interface for creating, managing, and using both fungible and non-fungible assets. Token such as USDT are minted on it. What methods are possible to interact ...
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