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Specific extrinsic stalls the parachain even though the collation is successfully produced

We have the weird case that extrinsics in general work, but there is a specific extrinsic that stalls the parachain. See This extrinsic ...
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What does "there are no validators assigned to core" mean?

What does "there are no validators assigned to core" mean and how do I fix it? I see that my parachain is stalled, I started 4 relay nodes with polkadot-launch and 3 parachains.
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Is it possible to resurrect babe chains?

I've learned that babe chains, when all validators go offline, stalls and isn't recoverable. But my question is, from a database perspective we have the data in the chainstate folders right? So wouldn'...
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How to debug chain stalls?

As you can see in the image, our chain randomly stalled just short of jumping into the next epoch. I have no clue why. How should I go about debugging such issues?
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Substrate nodes stop producing blocks

I've created a network of 2 nodes on cloud servers for testing, using Substrate contract node. They have been running for about 3 months now and producing almost 1M blocks. But today they are in an ...
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Equivocation crash (network with ~100 Aura Validators)

We've had a test network running for about 3.5 months with regularly-rotating sets of Aura / Grandpa Validators. Suddenly, we have run into an issue whereby the vast majority (~2/3) of the network has ...
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Our parachain doesn't produce blocks [checklist]

It is a common problem that the launch of parachains on a live relay chain is tricky and hard to debug because relaychain validator logs are not easily available. What can go wrong with parachain ...
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Parachain block production stalls randomly [closed]

Our testnet with 2 collators and 4 validators got stuck producing a single block more than 100 times before finally including it, then production resumed normally as if nothing happened. Can it be ...
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how can I purge all pending extrinsics in the transaction pool

I suspect that an extrinsic caused the block production to stall. It's status remains at "broadcast" and no new blocks will be produced. To be sure I'd like to remove it from the tx pool on ...
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How to use noteStalled to recover from a finality lagging chain?

From the documentation: Grandpa: noteStalled (delay: u32, best_finalized_block_number: u32) interface: api.tx.grandpa.noteStalled summary: Note that the current authority set of the GRANDPA finality ...
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How to set secondary slots for Babe?

As I understand, the babe epoch config comes with the option of SecondaryPlain and SecondaryVRF slots, which is more or less like PoA in the case that no primary block producers are available. If ...
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Recovering from stalled finality (babe/grandpa)

While experimenting with a relay chain testnet, Decentration and I ran into this issue with multiple validators on the same node, stalled finality and got the chain into slow block-making mode. We ...
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