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Questions related to the Substrate SS58 address.

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Could any `MultiAddress<AccountId, AccountIndex>` variant be encoded to SS58?

If so, Are there any docs about converting Index, Raw, Address20 and Address32? Is it just applying the following algorithm to the variant bytes as <address>? base58encode ( concat ( <address-...
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Is there any way to convert an ss58 address to the 32 bytes pubkey? [duplicate]

I want to do this inside a precompile, so it is runtime and I don't have access to std.
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How do I work with SS58 encoded addresses?

I want to reason about SS58 addresses in any context with access to std, using Rust. What tools and techniques are needed to access the underlying keys? [Related What is the SS58 Format?]
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How to encode and decode HexAccountSting to AccountID in golang

How can we encode the accountID '5FLSigC9HGRKVhB9FiEo4Y3koPsNmBmLJbpXg2mp1hXcS59Y' to Hex string using golang for posting in RPC.
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What is the SS58 Format?

I'm looking for a high level overview of the SS58 format I found this but can't seem to find an overview description What is the SS58 format? Where is it used? What are the whys and wherefores?
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-32602: Unknown SS58 address format [closed]

I ran into this problem while testing a new parachain. balances.transferKeepAlive -32602: Unknown SS58 address format `129`. ` `To support this address format, you need to call `...
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How to convert ss58 address to a different parachain in py-substrate-interface

I have code to convert ss58 address to a different parachain using polkadot{js}, such as below: const { Keyring } = require("@polkadot/keyring"); const keyring = new Keyring(); keyring....
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Convert any address to accountId (in hex)

How can i convert an address of the form "5DTNtGF2DmZ7QwGxg6n1xWzF6cEokNyNre7mUqpVuozrLxu3" to hex using polkadotjs packages? Here is the context: I have multiples array of datas, containing ...
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How to convert HEX public key into SS58

I have a public key in HEX into. How do I get the SS58 representation of it? Is there a command line tool?
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How to create custom SS58 address format?

I know that networks can add their SS58 address format to SS58 Registry. Polkadot addresses always start with 1 and Crust Network addresses start with c. Does a unique prefix determine how the ...
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How to update the SS58Prefix for a running node?

If I have started running a Substrate node but the ss58Format value in the chain specification .json file that is generated from using the build-spec command is not 42, how do I update the chain so ...
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