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How to convert h160 address to ss58 address?

I am a dApp developer in Astar. I want to convert EVM(h160) address to Substrate(ss58) address to implement the UI like the subscan page.
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How to parse an ss58 address in no_std rust

In another question How do I work with SS58 encoded addresses? the same question was addressed, this is however about how to do it without the std lib. How to convert an ss58 stored in a String to an ...
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Is there any way to convert an ss58 address to the 32 bytes pubkey? [duplicate]

I want to do this inside a precompile, so it is runtime and I don't have access to std.
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Is possible to recover the SS58 `u16` prefix from bytes `[u8; 2]`?

I want to convert the [u8; 2] back to u16. I found this isn't simply a u16::from_be_bytes or u16::from_le_bytes.
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