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Srtool rust nightly not installed

I am trying to build my runtime using the following command srtool build --root --package my-runtime --runtime-dir node/runtime --build-opts="--features=fast-runtime" I am getting the ...
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2 answers

srtool-cli no rust-src error

I'm attempting to debug a release error on our chain (for reference, our chain uses a gitlab-ci and not any provided GitHub Actions) that surfaced after upgrading to the latest Polkadot release. This ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How to avoid double work when building with srtool

I'm integrating srtool into my CI build. As a result of the build, I aim to obtain the client and the runtime. I can compile the runtime with srtool action and run cargo build to get the client. But ...
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Build error on Substrate Toolbox - rust nightly not installed

I'm customising the srtool (Substrate runtime toolbox) for our chain built based on substrate. The srtool docker image was built successful, but when Github running test against myChain, it failed ...
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Which hash to use with Srtool when upgrading a parachain?

In my srtool output: == Compressed Version : [object] Metadata : V14 Size : 707.47 KB (724453 bytes) Compression : 81.25% setCode : ...
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srtool permission denied at end of build

error: failed to create directory `/build/runtime/target` Caused by: Permission denied (os error 13) I used this command: srtool build --package kabocha-runtime -r ./runtime I also tried to use ...
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