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What is the core functionality (pallets) that should be part of the specification

We are working on an alternative implementation of the Polkadot protocol, but since the spec is missing a lot of details regarding the Runtime, we rely heavily on the Substrate implementation. So we ...
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Raw specs not building, unknown field

While building the raw specs: ./target/release/kylin-collator build-spec --chain=rococo_democracy.json --raw --disable-default-bootnode > rococo_raw_democracy.json I get 2022-07-08 16:00:00 ...
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How can I speed up a local test chain or Customize session | era | epoch values

I want to test validator/nominate scenarios, like how to stake and earn rewards and get slashed! However I want to increase the pace at which these events occur, so that as engineers we can iterate ...
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What are the latest minimum specs for running a Polkadot/Kusama node (full node/archive node)?

What I found related to specs/resource requirements (memory, disk space,...) was : These requirements for running a validator node and In the polkadot wiki page the space required for an archive node....
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