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How we can go live as solochain?

I want to release our chain as solochain. Do we have any checklist or something which help thought the process so that we cannot miss any step or configuration? Any help would be appreciable.
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Error in integration of pallet-session in chain-spec

I'm trying to add parachain-staking pallet in the solochain which is based on POA with Aura. For that I need to integrate pallet session but in the integrating of pallet-session in chain spec I'm ...
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Integrating Parachain-Staking Pallet in Solochain: Transitioning from POA to Proof of Stake

Is it possible to integrate the parachain-staking pallet into my solochain? I want to transition my chain's consensus mechanism from POA to proof of stake using a parachain-staking pallet in my ...
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how to solve Networking or low-level protocol error?

I am running solochain so randomly my chain stop producing blocks and giving this error. Every time when chain giving this error i need to stop and re-run the node. substrate version using: v1.0.0 Can ...
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Updating SLOT_DURATION on Mainnet - Seeking Assistance!

We are facing a challenge regarding our mainnet and we need the guidance and expertise of the community. Currently, we are looking to update the SLOT_DURATION to optimize the performance of our ...
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How to solve CannotCreateHold issue in preimage pallet?

I am adding the OpenGov to the POA solochain. In which we integrated preimage pallet with following configuration: parameter_types! { pub const PreimageBaseDeposit: Balance = 1 * DOLLARS; pub ...
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How to migrate data from Solo to Relay Chain?

I'm trying to migrate data from one existing solo chain to relay chain. How should I achieve it? I`m taking ideas from Centrifuse chain which is migrating accounts and their balances, proxy,and ...
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