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I want to use Parity SCALE codec in Solidity? Is there any implementation of scale codec to decode bytes?

I want to decode bytes on the Solidity side that was decoded with scale codec. Is the any implementation of scale codec (decode) on the Solidity side?'s user avatar
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4 votes
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I need a way to gather information about the address length and value length of each parachain

Solang is a solidity compiler that compiles to the wasm pallet. In Solang's CLI, there are options to configure the target parachain address length and value length. What I want to add is a feature ...
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Event subscription error from EVM compatible Substrate chain

i'm trying to listen events against a solidity smart contract deployed on EVM compatible Substrate chain and getting following error Error listening event ChangeOwner : Error: Returned error: Method ...
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How to interact between a smart contract written in Solidity from substrate pallet?

Can it be possible to interact solidity smart contract from substrate pallet?
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