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What is the best available way to take substrate DB backup without stopping the service? [duplicate]

I have the substrate setup on AWS EC2 with EBS volume attached to it. I wonder what would be the best way to take substrate DB backup.
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snapshot error: Database version comes from future version of the client: 4

When I go to add a validator to a parachain, using the snapshot( does tell me that the db version is wrong: Error: Service(Client(Backend("Database version ...
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1 answer

How to selectively populate state from a snapshot of one chain onto another?

Goal To use a full snapshot at some block height of one chain and selectively pull in select parts of this state. Use cases Migrating state from another chain. Example: A snapshot of only assets ...
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1 answer

Get block height from database snapshot, without running a node

I have synced a Substrate-based parachain (Moonbase Alpha) and stopped the node to take a snapshot of the database directory. I would like to know what's the best block (block height, last finalized ...
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4 answers

How to configure a Substrate Network with Injected Block History from a snapshot or database backup?

Is it possible to use the chain specification file or some other mechanism to configure a Substrate network with injected block history? In this case, the motivation is CI/CD/testing, but I can see ...
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How do I create a snapshot of the substrate database and load it on future runs? [duplicate]

I am making use of JS tests to check my contract calls however there is a large amount of setup required before each test. This means the tests take a very long time to run. I know the substrate ...