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Light Client (Smoldot) Connecting But Unable To Send Transactions

Implementing smoldot (substrate-connect) on a fork of the polkadot-JS. Connecting to a light node boot node works most of the time, but is intermittent. When we are able to connect via light client, ...
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Smoldot + polkadotjs: UnusedProofEntry when attempting to query a contract

I'm running a custom smoldot node, synced with a hosted bootnode, in a react-based application and attempting to interact with an ink! contract deployed to the network. My fork of smoldot accounts for ...
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Substrate-connect for solo-chains

I don't see any support for connecting via the substract-connect library for a sovereign chain. E.g. the addChain function has a dependency on the relay chain. Is there some way to connect to a custom ...
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