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Create and sign transaction with offline signer and ECDSA signatures

I would like to understand how to sign a balances.transferKeepAlive transaction completely offline with an existing signing service with ECDSA signatures. This is what I have so far that is working: ...
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DOT, KSM transfer sign payload order

I want to know the scale codec order for sign payload cause currently I can't transfer WND, KSM right now currently my codec order is method call -> era -> nonce -> tip -> specVer -> ...
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Cant' verify sign with go-schnorrkel [duplicate]

I'm trying sign raw message from and verifing it from golang code. I've tried the following: signature, err := schnorrkel.NewSignatureFromHex(signatureHex) transcript := schnorrkel....
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No metadata hash in transaction

I see from the RFC ( that it's possible to not provide the hash when crafting a polkadot ...
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How to sign with private key(Not secret key) that was created by "RFC-8032"(described below contents) on offline?

Backgrounds I am working on "ASTAR" parachain scene(TestNet: Shibuya). I can sign message(unsigned-transaction) on offline environment and then broadcast signed-messaged(signed-transaction). ...
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Why are payloads wrapped in a <Bytes> tag? [duplicate]

In Polkadot JS Apps, when signing a payload the payload is wrapped in a <Bytes> tag. E.g. I put a few console log's in the polkadot JS apps code to figure out what's going on. As you can see, ...
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Benchmarking an extrinsic that validates a signature

I have an extrinsic in one of my pallets that looks validates a signature over a message, which is separate from the actual extrinsic being submitted. The code can be simplified to look like the below ...
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How to Recover Address from MasterPrivateKey in JS

I trying to make Signature using Polkadot.js without mnemonic in LedgerAddress. import { hdLedger } from "@polkadot/util-crypto"; import { u8aToHex } from "@polkadot/util"; import ...
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Creating SignerPayload for PolkadotJS Extenstion: Unsupported extrinsic payload version 0

I am trying to create a SignerPayloadJSON from an encoded partial extrinsic in polkadotjs. The partial extrinsic has the following hex representation ...
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Signature schemes that prevent extracting public key

Are there any signature schemes in Substrate that prevent recovering/extracting the public key from a signature?
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In-browser signing of payload generated with subxt

I am generating a partial unsigned extrinsic via subxt however cannot figure how to how to sign it using the polkadot.js api. For example: #[subxt::subxt(runtime_metadata_path = "...
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Is it possible to sign a message using the private key of a contract account?

For example, I have deployed an ink! contract via polkadot apps. Is it possible to obtain the private key of the contract account and sign an arbitrary message?
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Serialisation of Extrinsic objects

Generating transaction via ApiPromise through method generated a SubmittableExtrinsicFunction object. Which has a toJSON() function that return what I would call a raw transaction. Is there ...
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Can't vote from ledger using a hardware wallet?

I tried to vote from a ledger kusama account on polkadot js and I get Raw data signing is not supported for hardware wallets. Is this a limitation of the zondax ledger app or a polkadot-js limitation?
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How do i generate signatures in [duplicate]

I am trying to generate an sr25519 signature within benchmarks. But i am facing an error that doesn't make sense to me. let sig: T::Signature = acc_pair.sign(&schema.encode()); | -...
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Signed bytes from Schnorrkel library throws Bad Signature error

Hey I have some call data which is similar to this. I am signing it using schnorrkel libaray function function. as secret.sign_simple(&[], msg) where secret is a Keypair and msg is in bytes. Then ...
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How to Sign an Ethereum transaction from substrate?

Consider we have a ETH keypair in the keystore inserted using this command curl -H "Content-Type:application/json" -d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"method"...
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Signing message have prefix?

I would like to know if when signing messages through Polkadot-JS it adds a prefix to the message before the signing to avoid signing transactions. Do we have different functions for signing messages ...
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How to sign a message using ECDSA key pairs in Polkadot.js so it can be verified in the ink! contract

I want to build an ink! contract where some functions need to verify messages signed by the caller. In ink! contract there is a helper function named ink_env::ecdsa_recover(), which seems helpful in ...
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How to create and sign a transaction by myself

I am developing the tool to create and sign a transaction, but I find nothing about the format of a transaction before signing. Could you please help me to find out the document about this issue. ...
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Use Ledger For ECDSA Signature in Python Substrate Interface

I'm trying to create a KeyPair class instance ( from a Ledger hardware wallet. Does anyone know how to do ...
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Why does my unit test pass when verifying signed metadata, but fails when signing through Polkadot.js

I have function that will take an admin account and verify when metadata is passed in that the admin account has signed it and the Signature is provided in a struct called NftSaleMetadata<AccountId,...
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Recover ECDSA pub key from signature

I am trying to recover a ecdsa pub key from the given signature and data. But returned pubkey does not match with the signer. Is there something that is missing or wrong? let pair = ecdsa::Pair::...
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Why is it called Anonymous Proxy? [closed]

Proxies can be setup to sign specific or all (any) transactions on behalf of an account. You could say that the account is proxied, if it has a proxy. There is a provision to create a keyless account ...
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What are the Steps for Encoding an Extrinsic in Substrate?

Substrate introduces some unique concepts such as unsigned transactions and signed extensions. What are the steps for encoding an extrinsic in Substrate? What are the specific details that relate to ...
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