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2 answers

What are the Steps for Encoding an Extrinsic in Substrate?

Substrate introduces some unique concepts such as unsigned transactions and signed extensions. What are the steps for encoding an extrinsic in Substrate? What are the specific details that relate to ...
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How to enable free execution for specific extrinsics using the SkipCheckIfFeeless

Context I'm currently working on a faucet/claiming pallet that allows new users to claim a certain amount of tokens. We have some logic in place to gatekeep who can receive the tokens, and each user ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Informing polkadot/api about additional signed extensions

Polkadot/api has a way to detail signed extensions and I want to understand (so I can use it for our own custom signed extension) what the extrinsic and payload parameters map to. Here's an example ...
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The era of Sign with no submission action is different than submit

I'm using a ed-25519 account, and first sign with no submission, and use the 「Signed transaction」to decode, the result(right pic) show the era Period is 0x40... then I do a real submit, but the ...
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How can I check origin in a SignedExtension?

How can I check the origin in a SignedExtension?
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