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how to create multising account using polkadot extrinsics?

I have been working with multsig wallets i am able to create account using polkadot ui and use it to sign transaction, but i am not able to create account using extrinsics can you please tell how to ...
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Invalid transaction:1010 Invalid: Transaction has a bad signature

I have changed my default multisignature to EthereumSignature. But whenever i'm doing any transaction on metamask then it is working fine and whenever i'm manually signing the transaction with a ...
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Polkadot wallet signature verification

I am looking for a way to validate a signature from any Polkadot wallet in Node.js. Preferably it would be some lightweight library which supports this since @polkadot-util/crypto is a bit too heavy ...
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How to verify a signature of a playload in Substrate when the provided Public Key bytes are not associated with an Account?

I have defined an extrinsic function as follows #[pallet::call_index(0)] #[pallet::weight(T::WeightInfo::create_record())] pub fn create_record( origin: OriginFor<T>, ...
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Why are payloads wrapped in a <Bytes> tag? [duplicate]

In Polkadot JS Apps, when signing a payload the payload is wrapped in a <Bytes> tag. E.g. I put a few console log's in the polkadot JS apps code to figure out what's going on. As you can see, ...
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Will we be able to use the BLS signature scheme to control funds?

After reading through the BLS related issues in the substrate repo, it isn't quite clear to me what type of support is planned for the BLS signature scheme. It seems like the primary goal is to ...
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0 answers

Transaction fails when using Polkadot extension

We have a customized substrate chain currently running and we are facing some signature issues (repo). This chain has custom types, custom header and an additional extension to check a parameter ...
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Wrapping data with <Bytes> when validating signatures

So it looks like it is necessary to wrap a signed payload with "<Bytes>" "</Bytes>" before verifying its signature. Some examples I have found are: Offchain signature ...
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