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Dali parachain is not in Rococo anymore?

I’m working on an SDK for XCM and I made some examples using Rockmine and Dali. I noticed today the Dali rpc isn't working and isn’t in parachains list in Rococo. I tried to transfer ROC from Rockmine ...
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Substrate vs Cosmos / Tendermint SDK [closed]

Just one question. Wny do we see more projects using the Cosmos SDK? Does it have any particular advantages besides the first mover advantage? As a developer, if you do prefer Substrate then what made ...
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Question: Substrate vs Cosmos SDK [closed]

I need to gain some developer perspective on this if possible. Essentially I'm trying to understand the following: Are there any barriers to entry to use either of these? Or can any developer ...
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How to decode and encode transactions by using substrate?

I want to decode blocks and transactions from the Node. I want to use . But I can not find methods about it. Could you tell me where it is ?
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Is there an up to date .net sdk or library?

Some companies want to interact with prebuilt c# code. Is there a more high level interface than writing lots of p-invokes?
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Is there any Java SDK or library for interacting with Substrate nodes?

The links below have stopped supporting Is there a supported library that I can use?
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