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Write node details to IPFS

I want to write the multi-addresses of all nodes in my network to a file on the IPFS. I see that there's this module that can be used to write data to IPFS, I was just wondering whether it would be ...
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How to use subxt in front-end app

Here is test demo, but always fail to run. Cargo.toml [dependencies] yew = { version = "0.20.0", features = ["csr"] } gloo = "0.8.0" wasm-bindgen-futures = "0.4.32&...
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How to convert substrate Specific Types(Option<BalanceOf<T>> ) to Rust Primitive types (U64)?

I don't know how can I convert Option<BalanceOf> (subtrate specific type)to u64 (rust primitive types)? I followed this article( How do you convert between Substrate specific types and Rust ...
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NewContractNotFunded error using contracts pallet with version 4.0.0-dev

I'm running into an issue where I cannot deploy contracts to my chain, any help is appreciated. I'm using the same setup as:
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