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What is the proper way of executing a runtime upgrade on a parachain?

I would like to upgrade my parachain. What is the proper way of executing a runtime upgrade on a parachain? Which RPC method to call? Should this be applied to collators or rpc-nodes?
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Upgrade parachain without sudo

I have a parachain with no sudo pallet. However, in order to perform an upgrade, the first step authorize requires Root origin. As a workaround, I have tried to run ForceScheduleCodeUpgrade from the ...
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Why is the Rococo `maxCodeSize` too small to do adequate incremental runtime upgrades? [closed]

If we want to connect a parachain to Rococo's 'rococo-local' relay chain we follow this Cumulus tutorial using polkadot-launch. Part of the pre-launch steps mentioned here is to minimize your runtime ...
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When are you required to change the `authoring_version` for forkless runtime upgrades?

In the Substrate documentation here and the Substrate reference documentation here it says the authoring_version "is the version of the authorship interface. An authoring node will not attempt to ...
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After doing runtime upgrade getting contract not found in substrate contracts ui

I am doing runtime upgrade of substrate blockchain from 0.9.36 --> 0.9.37 --->0.9.43 . And i have some contracts deployed on the running blockchain which is running on 36 version . After doing ...
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Adding pallet-gilt to a running chain breaks the chain

I am running a simple 2-validator substrate chain with my own keys (, branch = polkadot-v0.9.27). I have removed pallet-gilt from the runtime and what I am ...
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Runtime upgrade error: parachainSystem.ValidationDataNotAvailable

Follow this doc: Scheduled and set_code show an error: ValidationDataNotAvailable. Do I miss something? How to fix this ...
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What could happen if the `BlockWeights` is set HIGHER than `MILLISECS_PER_BLOCK` (block time)?

In Substrate docs, it's said: "The maximum block weight should be equivalent to one-third of the target block time, allocating one third for block construction, one third for network propagation, ...
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Are pallet migrations triggered automatically by default or we need to pass each pallets migration explicitly in Executive Type?

Recently did a runtime upgrade on our node which broke all existing ink contracts. Later included the pallet contracts migration in Executive Type which fixed the issue. My impression was all runtime ...
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Runtime upgrade error: host doesn't provide such function: env:ext_storage_root_version_2

Our goal is to migrate code to the newer substrate version and keep the block history. My old running node substrate version is tag = 'monthly-2021-09+1' -> New substrate version is branch = "...
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No way to do a runtime-upgrade after we upgraded our mainnet chain to version 0.9.31 version

Recently in Ternoa mainnet we performed a RU(runtime upgrade) to upgrade our versions to polkato-v0.9.31. In system pallet substrate have introduced new extrinsic set_code in this version which ...
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Getting error after doing runtime upgrade to substrate v1.0.0

I am trying to do runtime upgrade of substrate blockchain which is running on 0.9.36 version to substrate version v1.0.0 . While doing runtime upgrade chain stops working and getting this error in ...
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