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No rewards to block authors for validating transactions in a PoA chain

1- I've built a custom chain with unified accounts that uses PoA as its consensus, but there's no addition to the validator's balance on the confirmation of a transaction even though I've set in my ...
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How to Calculate the Total Tokens Rewarded to a Nominator?

I'm trying to figure out how to accurately determine the total amount of token rewards received by a nominator in the network. Specifically, I'm interested in the following: The Total Rewards in ...
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Validator Reward curve tweaking without runtime upgrade

I am facing with the following issue: There might be a future need of changing the configuration for the reward curve for validator. I believe this is possible only be changing the linear piece wise ...
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setup a constant inflation rate every era

trying to figure out a way to have a constant inflation rate for every era e.g to a 5% of total supply so any hint or clue how it goes with this configuration without setting min/max inflation into ...
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How to calculate claimable rewards from dApp Staking on Astar and Shibuya across multiple eras and multiple dApps?

Hi~ I have some questions about the developer staking process. I am using polkadot-api, developer staking part on shibuya-network. At, I can see staking info on the dApp Staking ...
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How getting on which validator a specific nominator was before the historyDepth?

I'm trying to rebuild part of my database thanks to events and extrinsics, i managed to get it partly all , but i'm stuck with this one : How to know on which validator a nominator was ? I tried to ...
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Get reward amount in polkadot.js/api

I want to get reward for specific address in polkadot.js/api. Especially for kusama. Is polkadot.js providing such api to get reward for specific validator address? also for specific block height?
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Sudo account reward remainder

impl pallet_staking::Config for Runtime { type RewardRemainder = Treasury; } how can i give it to sudo account
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